Dome Design 3D Wall Panel

One of Haisun’s most popular designs is the dome design, which uses a classic Islamic style of geometric patterns and the traditional Arabic arches. This panel features graceful curves, adding to the overall decorative effect. A large area of a soft white adds a seemingly complex and charming design to give people a sense of comfort.

Design Source
The design inspiration for this wall paneling comes from traditional Islamic architecture.

Design Inspiration
Islamic architecture is known for its whimsical, solemn and changing designs, all without losing its elegance. Haisun has incorporated this into the 3D wall panel, giving home décor a combination of geometric and floral design.

Technical Characteristics:
Acoustic Comfort
0.2% Water Absorption
Thermal Efficiency and Durability
Customized Designs
No VOC-release
Zero Radiant
Minimal Toxic Metal Pollutants
Grade A1 Fire Resistant
Color Fade Resistant
Strong Compression Strength

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