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Modern Fashion Design 3D Wall Panel

Taking inspiration from geometric designs and transparent lighting, Haisun’s modern fashion designed 3D wall panels have an almost spiritual nature to them. The material has a vitality to it and lines are clearly interwoven into a picture to add more appeal and charm to any given space.

Design Philosophy
This series of 3D wall paneling features no overt glitzy appearances, and no turbulent atmosphere, giving users a design of simplicity and clear artistic expression. Haisun’s contemporary series has been among the most comfortable and popular wall art décor types among our customers, and we offer simple designs and bright colors, as well as a streamlined construction to keep your home atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable.

Technical Characteristics:
Acoustic Comfort
0.2% Water Absorption
Thermal Efficiency and Durability
Customized Designs
No VOC-release
Zero Radiant
Minimal Toxic Metal Pollutants
Grade A1 Fire Resistant
Color Fade Resistant
Strong Compression Strength

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