Mural Design 3D Wall Panel

This is perhaps one of our most artistic wall paneling options, and uses an ecological backdrop . Haisun’s mural 3D wall panel uses different carvings depicting scenes from history and storytelling to bring about a calming and peaceful environment. People who see this wall paneling feel like they are walking directly into the pictures.

Design Inspiration
The feeling of classic European style

Design Concept
The elegant garden scenery bring a amazing feeling of peaceful and gorgeous, bridge and flowing water combines the beautiful decorative Haisun® embossed stone wall art, it makes the outdoor garden keeps the feeling of elegant and luxurious and match the comfort and relaxation of modern life by its’ exquisite shape and gorgeous stone texture.

Refine topics
The artful blend of peaceful and gorgeous

Technical Characteristics:
Acoustic Comfort
0.2% Water Absorption
Thermal Efficiency and Durability
Customized Designs
No VOC-release
Zero Radiant
Minimal Toxic Metal Pollutants
Grade A1 Fire Resistant
Color Fade Resistant
Strong Compression Strength

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