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Silk Sea Design 3D Wall Panel

This wall paneling has an abstract rippling design with a warm redwood color that makes it look unique and elegant. Haisun combines wood and natural textures, making it seem as if you are back in nature and giving the home a fresher, more comfortable feel.

Design Inspiration:
We are busy in prosperous and fast pace of social life every day
Foppish, pollution, noisy make us filled with exhausted and anxiously.
When we drag our exhausted body to the last heart harbor - home
We need more is the return of the soul
Purity, relaxing, comfortable, gas station of heart
Haisun® Minimalist Series Eco wall art
A kind of Shape is not broken, Color not miscellaneous, light not disorderly, so often new pure design form
People-oriented, looking for the simplest combination form of people and space
Give your home purity, relaxed and comfort

Technical Characteristics:
Acoustic Comfort
0.2% Water Absorption
Thermal Efficiency and Durability
Customized Designs
No VOC-release
Zero Radiant
Minimal Toxic Metal Pollutants
Grade A1 Fire Resistant
Color Fade Resistant
Strong Compression Strength

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