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White Sandy Beach Design 3D Wall Panel

This wall panel features wave lines and fantastic lighting, as if you are strolling on a beach. It brings a comfortable appeal to any living room, making every day activities such as watching TV that much more enjoyable.

Design Inspiration
This wall paneling is designed based on traditional Chinese concepts for home, family and reunions.

Design Concept
Drawing from the celebratory mood and reunions of family during the Chinese Spring Festival, this 3D wall paneling is designed to bring an overall sense of peace and camaraderie to the customer’s home, both now and in the future.

Refine Topics:
Peaceful and happy

Technical Characteristics:
Acoustic Comfort
0.2% Water Absorption
Thermal Efficiency and Durability
Customized Designs
No VOC-release
Zero Radiant
Minimal Toxic Metal Pollutants
Grade A1 Fire Resistant
Color Fade Resistant
Strong Compression Strength

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