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New Design 3D Wall Panel

    1. Blessing Design 3D Wall Panel Haisun uses a collection of different Chinese classical elements in the 3D wall paneling that have special meaning in the Chinese culture for longevity, happiness and the ability to overcome difficulties. Inquiry Form
    1. Exoticism Design 3D Wall Panel Haisun’s antique tiles, brilliant hollow panels and soft lights are designed to remind people of a comfortable breeze or a dappled forest, typical in Southeast Asian designs. Inquiry Form
    1. Mural Design 3D Wall Panel This is perhaps one of our most artistic wall paneling options, and uses an ecological backdrop . Haisun’s mural 3D wall panel uses different carvings depicting scenes from history and storytelling to bring about a calming and peaceful environment. Inquiry Form
    1. White Sandy Beach Design 3D Wall Panel This wall panel features wave lines and fantastic lighting, as if you are strolling on a beach. It brings a comfortable appeal to any living room, making every day activities such as watching TV that much more enjoyable. Inquiry Form

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