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Eco-Friendly 3D Wall Panel

Haisun’s Eco Stone wall art is a 3D wall panel carved into various patterns and designs, both by hand and using CNC machinery. We mix the materials with an aqueous resin that has been patented, and utilize auto assignment machines and vacuum vibration extrusion shape forming processes to make each wall panel more stable. Experienced artisans carve the panels after machine carving to ensure that each panel has a vivid pattern with no defects. All wall art goes through stability testing and surface treatment to ensure it is resistant to acid, water, freezing, thawing and sunlight.

The Eco Stone wall art is an environmentally friendly wall panel, and is A1 grade fire resistant, as well as discoloration resistant. It features a strong compression strength, zero emission of VOC, and no radiation, making it better and safer than natural stone. There is only a 0.2% water absorption and a reduction in interior noise, making Haisun’s wall are suitable for homes, hotels, commercial areas, making them more comfortable and healthier.

We feature 7 types to meet specific requirements, including: Minimalist, Classic Chinese, California Coast, Scandinavia, Contemporary, Entry Luxury and Embossed Tiles.

Product Name: Haisun® Eco Stone Wall Art
Size: Standard size: 300x300mm, 600x300mm, 600x900mm, 600x1200mm, 800x1200mm, 800x2400mm
Slab Size: 2.36m*1.18m
Customized Size
Technics: CNC Engraving and Craftsmanship Elaboration
Design: Customized Designs and Standard Designs
Apply: Indoor/Outdoor Wall Panel, Embossed Tile, Hotel, Religious buildings, villas and more
Color: Yellow, Beige, White, Gray, Black and Customized Color
Thickness: 2.0cm, 2.3cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm, 3.5cm and customized thickness

1. Customized Designs
We know our customers want to be unique and original, and not locked into the confines of a single product list. That is why the color, size, shape, texture and style of all Haisun Eco Stone Wall Art can be freely customized.

2. Waterproof and Stain Resistant
Haisun’s Eco Stone is a non-porous, waterproof surface that is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and other everyday products.

3. Thermal Efficiency and Weatherability
The unique physical structure of Haisun’s Eco Stone keeps its original shape and strength, and is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. The anti-UV technology also makes it safe for exterior use, rendering it useful for decades.

4. Natural Sandstone Texture
The wall paneling is made of a composite material comprised of crushed stone bound tighter using a waterborne formula material, giving it the texture of natural sandstone with various color options, veining options and a softer appearance that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

5. Acoustic Comfort
This wall paneling provides a reduction in internal noise to protect against noise and vibrations in order to improve indoor acoustic comfort.

Raw Materials: Highsun Exterior Artificial Stones

Test Performed Classification Highsun Exterior Artificial Stones
Moh's Scale SN0308-1993 ≥ 6
Barcol Scale JC908-2002 53/56
Flexural Strength (wet) SN0308-1993 27.1
Flexural Strength (dry) SN0308-1993 22.2
Compressive Strength (dry) SN0308-1993 72/75.5
Fireproofing Grade GB8624-2012 A1 grade
Coefficient of Moisture Expansion GB/T3810-2006 0.008%
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion SN0308-1993 0.99x10-6/ ℃
Water Absorption SN0308-1993 0.2%
Impact Strength JC908-2002 2.4
Oxygen Index JC908-2002 42
Chemical Resistance JC908-2002 No evidence of corrosion
Coefficient of Friction (dry) EN14231:2003 56
Anti-UV Aging JC908-2002 1.18
Abrasion Resistance SN0308-1993 6.32x10-3g/cm ²
Dimensional Stability JC908-2002 No apparent warping distortion
Stain Resistance JC908-2002 The sum of stain value ≥ 64 , Maximum depth of stain ≥ 0.12mm
Water Resistance JC908-2002 No surface rupture , crack, sparging, no hoarse noise when struck
Freeze Resistance GB/T3810-2006 No significant rupture, flaw, fissure, distortion throughout