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1. Haisun Eco Stone Daily Protection FAQ
Q. What do I do it the Eco Stone is damaged?
A. Small chips and cracks can be repaired using the same color grouting with a touch up kit. Touch up repairs are not to be used for coloring aggregate exposed by cutting stones. The best installers will bury the cuts into transitions between stone pieces or hide them with mortar when grouting.

Q. How do I clean the Eco Stone?
A. To clean dirt or other particles, try using a simple soft bristle brush like a handheld scrub brush. If necessary, use a mild detergent mixed with water or a solution of no more than 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts of water. Rinse with clean water to remove any cleaning solution that might remain on the surface. Wire brushes, acid cleaners, power washers, bleach, paint remover, or other concrete cleaners are not necessary.

Q. How do I clean efflorescence?
A. Haisun’s Eco Stone does not usually develop efflorescence, unlike many other traditional masonry products. If it does develop, it usually disappears over time as long as the moisture source is controlled or eliminated. However, it is easy to remove using a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts water. Scrub using a soft bristle brush and the vinegar/water solution, then rinse well with clean water.

2. Haisun Eco Stone Acknowledgement FAQ
Q. What is the difference between Eco Stone and natural stone?
A. Eco Stone is cast from molds of real stone, making it lighter than natural stone. Natural stone often requires tiles and footings, which in turn increases the installation cost and difficulty of installation. Haisun’s Eco Stone is lighter, and designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces. It is often used in places where installation of natural stone is difficult and expensive.

Q. What are the benefits of using Haisun’s Eco Stone?
A. Eco Stone has a less than 1% (approximately, if not 0%) waste factor, versus 10% or more in natural stone.

Q. How does Eco Stone withstand freeze and thaw cycles?
A. Eco Stone products are tested for their freeze and thaw durability. As in any installation, be sure to incorporate correct building practices, including proper flashing and water diversion techniques to help ensure a successful installation.

Q. Will Eco Stone fade?
A. The base color is blended throughout and permanently mixed with mineral oxide pigments that are applied and absorbed when the stone is cast. Color then becomes an integral part of the stone, and similar to natural stone, there are very minimal noticeable color changes even after years of weathering and exposure to the elements.

Q. How important is good stone installation?
A. As with any building material, the beauty of the product is enhanced based on how well it is installed. Haisun’s Eco Stone should be chosen in careful consideration of the type of profile and color, the actual installed stone “pattern”, and the type of grouting technique used. It is highly recommended that users create a mock up board with the desired aesthetic appeal prior to installation.

Q. What about protection against graffiti?
A. In many areas, Haisun’s Eco Stone is considered a protection against graffiti. The stain resistant properties of the stone make it an unappealing canvas for graffiti artists, however, some customers do choose to apply an anti-graffiti coating. If you choose to do so, please speak directly to the manufacturer of the anti-graffiti coating product and ask your contractor to submit a test prior to installation. Haisun Tech’s affiliated company Tian Yi Chemicals offers a water formula epoxy coating (HCT-2788) that can be applied to the stone’s surface. However, no coating should be applied until the stone has been on the wall for at least 28 days.

3. Haisun Eco Stone Installation FAQs
Q. Where can I install Haisun’s Eco Stone?
A. Eco Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface that has undergone proper preparation. It fits neatly into any building plan, no matter the size or location (interior or exterior, residential or commercial). It is also suitable for remodeling projects.

Q. Can I install Haisun’s Eco Stone on overhead horizontal surfaces?
A. Please verify your installation with your building official and consult with an engineer for specific design issues with your project. There are different grout and mortar manufacturers that will support their product’s use in these installations.

Q. Can I seal Haisun’s Eco Stone?
A. The Eco Stone does not require sealing. However, if the customer desires it, a sealer such as the polyurethane based S801 provided by Haisun Tech’s chemical department will provide added protection and makes the surface easier to clean if it becomes dirty.

Q. How do I install the Eco Stone when there is an expansion joint?
A. Treat each section as a separate installation. Do not span movement joints with the Eco Stone.

Q. What is the recommendation for flashing around windows and doors?
A. To maintain the weather resistance of the exterior wall on which the stone products are installed, a rigid, corrosion resistant flashing and means of drainage should be installed at all penetration and termination points of the stone cladding. Flashing type and locations should be in accordance with specific building codes.

Q. Can I install the Eco Stone around a fireplace?
A. Yes, however, keep the stone product a minimum of 45cm away from any open flame.

Q. What measures should be taken for hot or cold weather installation?
A. For cold weather installation, the ambient temperature should be at 4°C or higher at the time of installation. If the temperature is below 7°C, mortar should be heated to be between 4-48°C, and not exceed 60°C. Any mortar that freezes should not be used. Wall surfaces may need to be covered and heated after the stone installation to avoid mortar freezing. See section 2104.3 of the International Building Code for additional cold weather requirements. Applications in hot weather conditions should also follow the requirements listed under section 2104.3 of the IBC. Mortar should be kept under 48°C and used within 2 hours of the initial mixing.

4. Haisun Eco Stone Basic Information FAQ
Q. Does Haisun Eco Stone meet building code requirements?
A. Yes. Eco Stone complies with all applicable building code requirements. For all technical information about our products, please refer to the technical specification sheet.

Q. Is Eco Stone combustible?
A. No. Eco Stone is tested by the National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (NFTC) and shows 0 continuous burning and 0.1 MJ/kg heat of combustion.

Q. How thick is the Eco Stone?
A. Our product’s standard thickness ranges from 1.8-3.5cm depending on the profile.

Q. Does Haisun Eco Stone need a ledge detail at the bottom for structural support, or can it hang freely?
A. No footings or support ledges are needed.

Q. What is the fire rating of Haisun Eco Stone?
A. Eco Stone has a fire rating of A1; the highest it can possibly be.